Maurizio Cardullo

Maurizio Cardullo is a sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist from Milan. His journey into music starts at 8 years old, behind his father's dusty drums. He begins studying saxophone (up to the jazz improvisation masterclasses with Massimo Maltese) and bass guitar. Around 18 yo, he discovers his passion for some folkish musical waves, as the irish traditional one, and starts studying instruments like whistle (with Tommaso Tornielli), bagpipe, bouzouki and cittern, bombard, while composing and recording multi-genre influenced songs orbiting around rock, metal and electronic domains.
In 2010 he produces his very first LP for Furor Gallico (distr. Scarlet Records). From that year, he plays and composes for the italian folk-rock band Folkstone (distr. Universal), co-producing and sound-engineering their albums; he will be main producer and mix engineer for their sixth full lenght (out in 2019).
In 2016 he starts working alongside the producer Gianluca Amendolara, co-producing and engineering albums for: The Rumjacks (rec, mix, feat.), Feudalesimo E LibertÓ (idem), The Clan (rec, feat.), LyraDanz (idem), Black Holy Whiskey (rec, mix), Folkamiseria (rec), Rossella Fornaroli (rec, mix, feat.). He also collaborated with Modena City Ramblers, The Shandon, Elvenking, Trick Or Treat, Kalevala, Heavenfall, Killin Kind.