Gabriele Bruccoleri

Gabriele Bruccoleri wrote his first song at the age of 8 and organized his first music festival at the age of 10. After chequered studies he built up his skills in metal guitar as tenacious self-learner and ended up, to his surprise, in an enthusiastic experience with the reggae-ska band Amanita Muscaria in the late nineties. For two years, he relentlessly played with this band in several Italian alternative locations releasing some singles aired by the main national alternative radio stations like RockFm, Radio Popolare, Radio Onda d’urto and many more.

He then created a street TV channel (Isola Tv) long time before the invention of media like Youtube and worked on videogame dubbing.

Then he travelled to Spain, got a MSc degree in Natural Sciences at the Milan Statale University and worked in marketing events and artistic director. He later became booking agent for several important gig agencies in Italy and theatre assistant director.

In 2015 he created Pumba.