Brian Matichecchia

Brian Matichecchia is a musician, arranger and composer of film music, expert in Electronica Music such as: Dub Step, ChillStep, Drum And Bass, Deep House, Tribal, Speed Garage, ChillOut.
He trained musically studying in the best Italian and English schools such as: The Bologna Philharmonic Academy directed by M.Elio Polizzi, Saint Louis Music College, Morley College, London Academy of Music, Diplomating in: Film Music Composition, Arranger and Music Designer. Between 2001 and 2016 he has the honor of performing live on the European circuit such as: Emergenza Festival, Taubertal Festival, Kabaret Club, The Rex, L'Equipe Anglais, Swan Lake Exhibition at Tantra Club, Fabrik, Egg, Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club , Qlimax, CafÈ de Paris, Plastic People, The Drop, Paramount Bars, Cable, Corsica Studios, The Star of Kings, Jazz Cafe, The Underworld, Londons Kashmir, Atomic Mosquito live show. Participate in the Piano City event in Milan, presenting the techniques of synchronising synths and sequencers in film music at the Yellow Sound Music Academy. Official composer of the 'Beauty Spot'.
Composer of the ArtFilm 'Metamorphosis' created and presented by Elena Fedossova at Chelsea's London Fashion Week. Composer for the 'D.T.P.M' Fabric JD Circuite and for the 'W.D.K' Film Productions.